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Reinbold machines are used for many different applications:
• Wood-Shredding
• Briquetting
• Plastic-Shredding

• Reinbold to showcase new cutting system

• Compact shredder for long planks from Reinbold

• Shredder AZR Range K

Die Zerkleinerer der Marke Reinbold sind schon seit Jahrzehnten weltweit erfolgreich im Einsatz.
The company Reinbold was founded in Emmendingen in the Black Forest in 1992, since the takeover in 2000 it has developed into a global player in the wood recycling industry. Our single-shaft shredders and briquetting presses are used worldwide and right from the start they have stood for quality “Made in Germany”. Our work is closely oriented at practical applications and we offer competent solutions to specific customer requirements in the sectors of shredding and briquetting. A speedy spare parts service goes without saying, as does our reliable maintenance and repair of existing Reinbold systems. In addition, we also maintain an extensive stock as well as a technical centre for customer-related tests.

Our main focus is on the shredding and briquetting in the wood and timber processing industry. Whether pallets, waste timber and wood, railway sleepers or production waste– the important thing with shredding is to have woodchips in a good quality and in the needed size. The shredders of the AZR series are slow-running single shaft shredders that are extremely resistant to foreign bodies and achieve very good throughput rates with low noise and dust emission. Our wood scrap shredders and briquette presses cover a wide range of application situations: from machines for small quantities to industrial applications. Our machinery program is complemented by four-shaft shredders and horizontal shredders.

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Reinbold Zerkleinerungstechnik.
Ihr Partner in Sachen Brikettierung und Wertstoffzerkleinerung. deutsch

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Einwellenzerkleinerer / Mehrwellenzerkleinerer / Horizontalzerkleinerer / Brikettierpressen
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Bienvenue chez Reinbold – votre partenaire pour tout ce qui concerne la technique de broyage et de briquettage.francais

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broyeur mono-rotor / Broyeur multi-axes / broyeur à alimentation horizontale / Presse à briquettes
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Bienvenido a Reinbold – su socio en cuestiones de técnica de briqueteado y triturado de materiales.espanol

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trituradoras de un árbol / trituradoras de varios árboles / trituradoras horizontales / prensas briquetadoras
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Benvenuti alla Reinbold – il Vs. partner per la tecnica di bricchettatura e triturazione di materiale.italiano

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